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Talent Criteria

Actor’s Criteria / Open Call-Interviews

Electronic Submission:  Please limit your file sizes to less than 1MB per picture, and please do not email more than 2MB per email, per individual. Thank you.  You must bring photographs with you. Dress casually and apply simple make-up if a female. Be natural and patient.  IF YOU ARE A BRAND NEW TALENT WITH NO EXPERIENCE, CREDIT'S OR PROPER TRAINING, ABN Talent will meet with you if interested and make a determination of referral's to help guide you.  

Do I need professional Headshots?

NO! If you have professional pictures, we will accept them, as long as the photos represent the talent properly.   However, after the interview, if ABN Talent Agency is interested in representing you, we will require Professional Headshots if you do not currently have them.  Color photography is preferred.

 What should I include with my photos? 

Women: Include your name, measurements (height, weight, bust, hips, waist,) age, hair color, eye color, a contact phone number, and an address.

Men: Include your name, measurements (height, weight, chest, waist, inseam, jacket, neck and sleeve length.

Will my photos be returned and when should I expect a response from an agent?

We are unable to return submissions to you. If our agents are interested, they will contact you. Please do not call to check on the status of your submission.

What types of Actor’s do you represent?  

We represent all different types of professional actor’s ages 4 - 26, in almost every size, and ethnicity. We limit ourselves to a specific amount of Actor’s in each category. 

What if ABN Talent Agency is not interested?

Don’t lose hope! We are limited by what 'looks' are current for our market. Your look or type might not work for our agency at this particular time. We encourage you to resubmit pictures after 6 months. If you are seriously interested in Acting, with hard work and persistence, you can find success.  We will be happy to refer you to other agency’s that represent your look and type.

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